Alright, we know camping is fun. However, make sure you’re not missing even the simplest of things. These include choosing a good campsite. You’ll soon find out that a good campsite will play a huge role in giving you a good night rest. Check out the best camping tents on

Here are some things to look for in a good campsite:


A campsite that’s exposed to the wind can help make your stay in tents more comfortable.

Relatively flat surface

A slight slope will in a way help you reduce swelling in the lower extremities after spending some time on the trail.


Not because you’re camping, you should stay in a wide open area with no trees or anything that could cover your tent. Camping under some big trees would mean lesser dew and more warmth at night. Just make sure that there are no dead branches hanging overhead.


You went camping to have some fun, so it just makes sense that you find a place where you can also find a beautiful view or scenery. Although it’s not at all necessary, finding one would certainly be fun.


Well drained

For sure, you won’t like to wake up in a puddle in the wee hours of the night. Make sure water doesn’t settle in your campsite.

Meanwhile, here are some places you should avoid.

Exposed ridges

Get away from hilltops or other exposed ridges most especially if they’re subject to frequent storms. If you’re planning to camp amidst bad weather conditions, stay under the mountain or get shelter in the lee of rocks or in the bush.

Fragile vegetation

Make sure to look for places where your impact on plants or vegetations is really minimal or none at all.


They are likely to be flooded or waterlogged easily during heavy rains.


This is not a good place to stay most especially if there’s a big chance of heavy rain in the place. Flash floods may likely happen very quickly.

If you have no other place to stay, make sure it’s at least above flood debris levels.

Lone trees

A lone tree may attract lightning strikes, so stay away from it.

Places near any type of water sources

While water sources are ideal to make yourself clean and replenished, they may also pose some harm and discomfort. Bear in mind that there are some nocturnal animals and insects that like to live next to water sources. If the view of a gorgeous lake or river is really irresistible, make sure to weigh the pros and cons. Moreover, ensure that you have some safety measures and plans in case of emergencies.

Valley floors

Condensation can make sleeping and even breathing a lot uncomfortable in tents or camps. One area where condensation may easily buildup is the valley floor.